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Corvettes Anonymous - FAQ

What a weekend this has been!

Suffice it to say, I have been overwhelmed by the build up The Parrot has given me and the support he has offered for Corvettes Anonymous

The responses from everyone both in his thread and in the PMs has also taken me aback!

I simply cannot thank you enough!

So really, What is

Well, Parrot stole some of my thunder by posting my note to him, but here is a bit of a rephrasing that will hopefully be more organized and informative.


1. What is Corvettes Anonymous?
Corvettes Anonymous is a non-profit, International Tongue In Cheek Support Group for anyone who is passionate about Corvettes ~ whether they own none, one, or several.

2. What is your purpose?
Our Mission Statement is “To actively support anyone’s passion for Corvettes, to assist them in any way we can, with their problem and to further assist those less fortunate in life’s circumstances, through our donation of profits from retail sales to selected charities.

3. How did Corvettes Anonymous come about?
The idea and the philosophy had been jelling for about a year, but the name didn’t come into being until the 2006 Corvettes In Venice show, sponsored by Venice Florida Corvettes.

After the dinner party, several Show Goers were sitting around discussing the cars they once owned, have now, wish they owned, and / or the ones that got away.

Since the group was represented by enthusiasts from several areas of Florida, they also were talking about how cool it would be to belong to a Nationwide Association ~ be traveling outside one’s home area and bump into someone who recognized the logo and also belonged.

Suddenly someone stood up and said,

“Hi, my name is Pedro and I have a problem!”

Corvettes Anonymous was born!

3. How are your charities selected?
On the basis of function and the percentage of money that actually gets to those in need.

The Founding Chapter is currently supporting a local Community Services Food Bank, to which we deliver canned & boxed foods, personal hygiene items, and baby goods. Last July, we delivered almost 600 lbs.

By launching Corvettes Anonymous at this time of year, we plan to be able to make another delivery just before the Holidays.

4. Do you also support other types of charities?
Yes. We are also support Isaiah’s Inn, another local non-profit organization that provides short-term needs for shelter, food and clothing of those less fortunate families who are motivated to become economically self-sufficient. Approximately 80% of their families are single parent moms. Last year 96.5% of all monies spent went directly to their families.

It is anticipated that as Corvettes Anonymous grows, other chapters will follow this example.

5. So, Is Corvettes Anonymous a Club, an Internet Forum, or a Retail Vendor?
None of the above.
Corvettes Anonymous is an Association that does not compete with other Corvette clubs or Internet Forums for membership. Most of our members are also members of one or more Corvette clubs in their local areas. Likewise, several of our members prefer to remain outside the regimen of structured clubs. Many are members and Supporting Members of one or more Internet Corvette forums.

As an Association, we support Corvette Clubs and Forums by assisting to promote them and their activities and by our participation in their events.

The Retail side of Corvettes Anonymous exists to support the charities as indicated above. All profits after expenses goes to that purpose.

6. Addictions of any kind are a serious matter. By your name, aren’t you taking that a bit lightly?
The Founders of Corvettes Anonymous are acutely aware of that issue. It is never our intent to take any debilitating addiction lightly or in jest.

We also believe that whether one’s hobby is collecting stamps, model railroading, or in this case Corvettes, there is a positive side which is the joy and camaraderie to be shared with others. It is that part of "The Problem” to which Corvettes Anonymous is are referring and wants to promote.

7. This is all well and good, but why would I want to become a member of Corvettes Anonymous?
Whether it is membership in the National Model Railroad Association, National Association of Rocketry or being a member of an online Corvette Community, the Founders believe the answer lies in the fact that Associations like these transcend membership in a local club.

Apparel and accessories readily available from these associations demonstrates that members are proud to be involved with something larger than local and want others to know about it.

Part of the attraction for Corvettes Anonymous is the possibility of going to a local event in or one outside one’s home area and bumping into someone from “God Knows Where” who is wearing a Corvettes Anonymous shirt, some other apparel, and / or has a decal on their car.

The Founders also believe the other primary attraction to Corvettes Anonymous is the charitable aspect of its Mission Statement. We may be being philanthropic on behalf of others but we believe there is a satisfaction in knowing that one’s contribution (whether through retail purchases, membership dues, donations, or physical effort) goes to a worthy cause.

8. Does someone have to own a Corvette to be a member of Corvettes Anonymous?
No. They just simply will have an appreciation for Corvettes and share the passion and excitement.

9. Is there a requirement to become a member of Corvettes Anonymous in order to purchase retail products or to donate to the charities?
Once again, the answer is No. Anyone can purchase or donate as they wish.

10. What is the Membership Contribution?
Again, there is NO requirement to become a member. For those wishing to do so, the one time Membership Contribution is $20. That is waived for Charter Members.

11. If there is no requirement, why bother at all, much less become a Charter Member?
We are working on several perk options to be included in the Official Corvettes Anonymous website that will be available only to Members.

For example, one of the most unique aspects we are working on is a feature to allow members to have their own private email vis-à-vis which is tied to their own existing email address. Look for more detail on that as we continue our roll out.

Charter Members not only receive advanced notification of new products and priority positioning in fulfilling their orders, they also receive substantial discounts on retail purchases. They will normally recoup the membership contribution very quickly.

11. How do I become a Charter Member?
Any member of Corvette Valley who orders a product between today and Dec 31, 2006 will be considered a Charter Member.

12. What is your delivery time line?
If we have the item in stock, it can generally be in your hands within 7 – 10 business days from receiving your payment. (We are working on PayPal.)

If you are thinking of Holiday purchases, please act quickly so that we have time to work with our vendors and still get your purchase to you in time for your holiday.

13. What is the next step?
Whether you are interested in becoming a member of Corvettes Anonymous or not, I would like to invite you to view our current products.

When you are ready to place an order, please email me at If you want to talk, PM and I'll give you my number.

14. What is expected of me as a Charter Member?
Just that you embrace the philosophy that you may have a problem, that you vow to help others by conveying your understanding of their problem and finally that you will wear your purchases to events in your area and assist us in rolling out Corvettes Anonymous.

Those of us already involved with Corvettes Anonymous see this as somewhat of a “movement” so it is our desire to roll this out as widely as we can.

From the responses we are receiving in the Tampa Bay area, we are exceptionally encouraged.

I sincerely do hope you will join us!

15. One last question ~ How do I know if I Have A Problem?
Funny you should ask!
There Is No Cure
But There Is

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Thanks for that post Tom.

I believe this is definitely a worthwhile cause and also a great opportunity for all Corvette enthusiasts to share their passion with each other (and get a cool email addy too!).

I challenge all Valley Bartenders (and members if they wish) to become Charter Members today. There's no reason to delay! I've placed my order.

I have a problem. Do you???
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HI, My name is Guy and I have a problem....

...and I'm proud to say I'm the first Charter member of Corvettes Anonymous.

Thank you, Tom for this great and worthy idea, I hope everyone here becomes a member.

Guy - I own a Corvette and I have a problem.
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Hey Tom, As you know big guy i have a Major Problem i am a Vetteaholic. And yes i need Help
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