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How do I add a hosted picture into my post?

First find the hosted picture you want to post and get it up on the screen. With the cursor over the picture, right click with your mouse. A small window will open. Move down to where it say Properties and left click on that. A URL address will be shown. As an example: {}. Highlight the address with you mouse and copy the address [ctrl c].

Now go to the thread where you are going to post your picture. Start your post. When you get to the position in your post where you want the picture to appear, click on the and when prompted, paste [ctrl v] the URL address you just copied into the field provided and click ok.

Your picture should then appear in your post.

How do I link a Gallery video into my post?

To post a video link from our gallery, 1st open the video in the gallery. Then you have to right click with your mouse over the video screen, left click Properties and copy and paste the address {location} into your post {thread} using the button that looks like a globe in the posting window.

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